How to Tell it is Time for Automatic Transmission Repair

How to Tell it is Time for Automatic Transmission Repair

How to Tell it is Time for Automatic Transmission RepairThe first fully automatic transmissions appeared in 1939 when General Motors introduced the hydraulically driven mechanism in its Cadillac and Buick divisions. Since then, automatic transmissions have only become more reliable and efficient, in large part thanks to computer controlled shifting. While it is a highly advanced piece of machinery, it is not flawless. Should you notice any of the following signs of automatic transmission trouble, be sure to schedule diagnostics to prevent the issue from growing worse.

Whining sound in neutral

If you hear a whining noise while your vehicle's transmission is in park or neutral, it could very well be caused by worn needle bearings inside the transmission's torque converter. If these bearings wear out, the transmission will begin to have trouble shifting.

Grinding gears

Any time you notice strange noises as your car shifts between gears, you will want to visit your local transmission repair shop. There is a good chance your car is low on transmission fluid, which is needed for proper lubrication of moving parts to ensure smooth shifts.

Delayed shifting

If you shift the transmission from park to drive and it doesn't instantly engage, a trip to the shop should be scheduled. This is also true if your vehicle's engine revs high while the transmission tries to shift between forward gears. These issues may occur due to a lack of fluid or because of a failing sensor.

Burning smell

A campfire smell coming from your vehicle could be an indication of an overheating transmission, likely caused by boiling transmission fluid. To find out why this is occurring a transmission specialist will need to perform diagnostics.

Transmission fluid leak

One of the more visual signs of transmission trouble is a transmission fluid leak. Automatic transmission fluid is usually red in color, so should you find a red fluid collecting under your vehicle, it is most likely tranny fluid. If your car does have a leak it is likely that you'll begin to experience one or more of the above issues shortly, if you have not already.

It's important to always pay attention to how your car is performing. If you encounter signs of transmission trouble, don't put off having it checked out, as the issues will only grow more expensive. When it is time for automatic transmission repair in Pensacola, reach out to Hirst Transmission Specialists. Our team of professional transmission repair experts have decades of experience servicing all makes and models. Give us a call at (850) 517-3459 to schedule a free vehicle check or to find out if it is time for expert transmission repair in Pensacola today.

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Posted: May 20, 2020

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