What are the perks of a manual transmission?

What are the perks of a manual transmission?

There are some reasons to believe that manual transmissions are becoming a thing of the past. Recent studies have shown that only about 20% of Americans know how to drive a stick shift. Also, in 2020, only 13% of new vehicle models had an option with a manual transmission. Still, many car enthusiasts greatly prefer to drive a manual. Here's a look at five reasons to choose a stick shift.

More Power to Wheels

With automatics, power generated by the hydraulic pump can get siphoned off by the hydraulic pump and torque converter. In manual transmissions, the most power possible will be sent directly to your wheels.

More Control

For those who don't just drive to commute, but actually take great joy in driving, manual transmission can be a lot more fun. They allow you to be involved in the driving process in a way that an automatic transmission simply can't. With greater control over your car's patterns of acceleration, you'll feel like you're not just operating your vehicle, but truly driving it.

Better Gas Mileage

In automatic transmissions, the hydraulic pump could cause greater fuel consumption. However, this isn't an issue that occurs with manuals. At the same time, it's worth acknowledging that modern advancements in transmission technology are now allowing new cars with automatic transmissions to achieve similar gas mileage to their manual counterparts.

Less Maintenance

Torque converters in automatic transmissions are often prone to slipping, making fluid and filter changes more of a necessity. While a single fluid flush might not break your bank, this maintenance expense can add up to a significant sum as the years and miles add up.

More Affordable Repairs

For the simple reason that they don't have as many parts, manual transmissions are usually less expensive to repair than automatics.

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Posted: November 26, 2020

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