My car is leaking transmission fluid. What is the source?

My car is leaking transmission fluid. What is the source?

My car is leaking transmission fluid. What is the source?It's very important to address transmission fluid leaks ASAP. This is because transmission fluid provides lubrication, fluid pressure, cooling, and rust prevention. If you're not driving with the right amount of fluid, then major transmission problems could develop. At Hirst Transmission Specialists, we provide expertise with identifying and fixing transmission fluid leaks. No matter what type of transmission service in the greater Pensacola area you need, we can flawlessly complete the job. From maintenance to major rebuilds, we do it all at our Pensacola, FL transmission shop.

Where is my transmission fluid leaking from?

Within your transmission, there are various seals and gaskets, and a leak may form at one. When rubber on a seal becomes degraded due to standard wear and tear, misalignment can cause a leak to form. Transmission fluid leaks also sometimes form at valves and solenoids. Because valves/solenoids play a crucial role in properly routing fluid to transmission components, it's very important that any issues with them are taken care of as soon as possible.

Transmission fluid leaks often form because of faulty transmission pan gaskets. The pan gasket creates the important seal between the bell housing and the transmission pan. A leak at this gasket may develop simply due to standard wear and tear. Fluid leaks also commonly form because of problems with transmission fluid lines. These lines transport fluid between different transmission parts, so it's important that they're in strong shape. They may leak due to cracking. Cracks can also lead to fluid leaks in other transmission components, namely the bell housing. Bell housing connects to the engine and covers the flywheel and the clutch or torque converter.

Transmission Repair in Pensacola

It's crucial that transmission fluid leaks are repaired as soon as possible. When you need transmission repair in Pensacola and the surrounding area, contact Hirst Transmission Specialists at (850) 517-3459. At our local transmission shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's transmission problems. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: June 2022

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