4 Signs that it's Time for a Transmission Rebuild

4 Signs that it's Time for a Transmission Rebuild

Whether you drive a standard or automatic, your transmission is a highly intricate mechanism that relies on many moving parts to work flawlessly together to effectively transfer power. At the first indication of a transmission problem, you'll want to get to the shop for a thorough inspection. Because seemingly minor transmission issues can badly worsen within just a few miles, you'll want to act quickly so hopefully any problems can be nipped in the bud before they require much more expensive repairs. In some instances, a full-on rebuild is the most financially sensible option. During a rebuild, the transmission will be removed from the vehicle, disassembled, and put back together with factory parts. After it is refilled with transmission fluid, it will be reinstalled in your vehicle. Here's a look at four signs that your car needs a transmission rebuild.

Transmission Doesn't Shift

In some cases, the transmission won't shift into one specific gear. In other instances, it fails to shift into any gear at all. This could be occurring because worn-out gear teeth won't let the transmission properly engage.

Burning Transmission Smell

The smell of burning transmission fluid tends to be similar to that of burning plastic. This odor is an indication that the transmission is overheating. By quickly getting to the shop, you'll hopefully be able to avoid a full-on rebuild.

Strange Transmission Sounds

If your vehicle is in neutral and it sounds like your transmission is grinding, then you'll want to get a transmission fluid flush to try to address this symptom. If a transmission flush doesn't do the trick, then the issue will likely require more complex care from a mechanic. This could suggest an issue such as worn-out bearings or a reverse idler gear problem.

Transmission Fluid Leak

It's smart to periodically take a look at the pavement where your vehicle is usually parked and check for evidence of leaking automotive fluids. Transmission fluid can often be identified by its reddish hue. Transmission fluid leaks should be promptly remedied so that major issues don't develop. Sometimes, all that will be necessary is to replace a leaking seal. But if the leak has been going on for a long time, then there may be damage that necessitates a rebuild.

If you need a transmission rebuild, be sure to bring your vehicle to a reputable specialist. For transmission rebuilding in Pensacola, contact the experts at Hirst Transmission Specialists at (850) 517-3459. Feel free to give Hirst Transmission Specialists a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's transmission needs!

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Posted: October 26, 2020

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