Common Signs that Your Transmission Fluid Has Gotten Low

Common Signs that Your Transmission Fluid Has Gotten Low

Common Signs that Your Transmission Fluid Has Gotten LowTransmission fluid provides lubrication, fluid pressure, rust prevention, and cooling. This makes it very important that you're driving with the right level of uncontaminated transmission fluid. If something is causing your transmission fluid level to become concerningly low, then you'll want to get to the shop. At Hirst Transmission Specialists, we specialize in transmission service in the greater Pensacola area. Here's a look at some of the signs of low transmission fluid.

Slipping Gears

When transmission fluid is low, the vehicle may struggle to go into or stay in certain gears. Gear slippage may also occur because contaminants in transmission fluid are impeding the fluid's flow, reducing fluid pressure to the point that the vehicle can't reliably stay in gear.

Delays in Shifting

If you try to shift your car but there's a delay of a couple seconds, it could be because there isn't enough fluid pressure to make the gears shift on time. This is particularly liable to happen when trying to shift between reverse and a forward gear.

Car Shifts Roughly

If you notice grinding or choppiness when you try to shift, then you could be dealing with a dangerously low transmission fluid level.

Transmission Fluid Leak

If your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, then you may see reddish-colored fluid on the ground where you've been parked. If it is indeed transmission fluid, then you may notice that it has a somewhat sweet smell. It's very important that transmission fluid leaks are quickly addressed so that you minimize the risk of massive problems.

Low Reading

It's a good habit to take a look at your transmission fluid level on a monthly basis. If your transmission dipstick shows a worryingly low reading, then you've got a clear-cut sign that your transmission fluid has gotten too low.

Transmission Service in Pensacola, FL

When you need transmission service in Pensacola and the surrounding area, contact Hirst Transmission Specialists at (850) 517-3459. At our nearby transmission shop, we can address any of your vehicle's transmission needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: May 2022

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